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Providing Easy, Effective, Entertaining Fundraising Events, Largely Free of Charge, for Chicago-area Non-profit Organizations


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How We Help Non-Profits

Acts Of Kindness Cabaret is a performing arts non-profit fueled by exceptional talent.  Believing in the inspiring power of simple kindness and the artistic value of cabaret, it is our mission to help other Chicago-area non-profits raise funds and cultivate donors by providing professional, entertaining cabaret events almost entirely free of charge.

For live events, in addition to the performances itself, we provide sound and lighting equipment, technical staff, set-up crew, ushers, and printed programs.  For virtual events, we provide professionally-recorded entertainment content, storyboarding, script guidance, production assistance, and e-programs.

We work with each benefiting organization to find a suitable venue or suitable software and to promote their event, primarily to their supporters.  The benefiting organizations sell tickets and, less reimbursing us our nominal expenses, keep all the proceeds.​  Learn more.

We fulfill the artistic portion of our mission by fulfilling the philanthropic one, and vice versa.  It is simple kindness from us to the non-profit community and those they serve.

What is Cabaret?

While cabaret has its roots in the chansons of Paris and the political satire of Berlin in the early 1900's, cabaret today is a much more family-friendly experience.

Cabaret now is an intensely personal evening of songs and stories, delivered by singers in a simple, honest way.  It employs music from all styles and eras, and each show has a theme that ties this eclectic bundle neatly together.  Unlike at the theatre, cabaret performers are on stage as themselves.  They maintain a direct dialogue with the audience throughout the performance.  Unlike concert performance, though, a cabaret show has a definite sense of beginning, middle, and end... just as every good story does.

Audience of all ages enjoy cabaret and, once they get a taste, they come back again and again.  Cabaret performances amuse, entertain, and inform.  They dazzle you, take you by surprise, make you laugh and cry, and take you on a wonderful journey.

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