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Booking AOKC for Your Benefit

When your non-profit organization books Acts Of Kindness Cabaret, you're not just choosing a professional performance group. You're booking a partner committed to making your event a success: engaging supporters and raising funds with a fun event everyone will remember!

Experiencing a live performance is the best way to see why our performances are so successful. Join us for our annual benefit on Sunday April 16 at the Center on Halsted in Chicago, 3:30p - 6:00p. As a nonprofit rep, you can attend for just $20. Register here.


What's Included?

AOK Cabaret benefits are fun, accessible, inexpensive ways of raising funds while helping build a community of and for your supporters. The event is yours to plan whether you host dinner and a show, silent auction and hors d'oeuvres, or just our performance — we work with you to provide an event that brings them in.

For live events, we take care of everything to do with the actual performance

  • a one- or two-act show that will keep your audience entertained from start to finish

  • three professional cabaret performers

  • a professional pianist

  • pro lighting and sound equipment

  • trained technical personnel

  • set-up and tear-down crew

  • personable ushers

  • printed programs

  • we can even help with publicity materials

all for only a few hundred dollars!


We've been doing these events since 2005, so we can advise you on what works and what doesn't, and we provide you with other helpful resources. If you're hosting a virtual event instead, we can help you there, too.

We're a bit like "an event in a box" for you to make as simple or elaborate as you need. The rest is entirely up to you!

"We were honored that Acts Of Kindness Cabaret donated their time and talents to our event. Their level of professionalism and attention to detail exceeded our every expectation.”  ~Susan King, Watts of Love

What's a Performance Like?

Professional modern cabaret shows are incredibly effective at providing your audience with a novel, entertaining, and moving experience. This is due, in part, to the core aspect of cabaret: storytelling.

Cabaret creates a sense of togetherness that is hard to find in many popular fundraising events such as dinners, auctions, or wine-tastings (though these activities make nice additions to a cabaret event). Audiences leave a cabaret event with a feeling of personal connection both to the performers and to each other. They’ve shared an experience while supporting your cause, and that builds community.

Invite AOKC to your event and we turn your space into a performance venue for your story to take center stage.

Check out our available shows and learn more about the art of cabaret.

Like any performing art, cabaret is one that needs to be experienced to realize its magic. Join AOKC at our annual benefit on April 16, 2023, at the Center on Halsted in Chicago so you can see for yourself how we can support you. Our Benefit of Friends will feature our most popular show – With a Little Help From My Friends – and bring cabaret artists, nonprofit professionals, sponsors, and donors together for an afternoon of fun. Tickets for nonprofit professionals are just $20, and you can buy them now

"We would have stayed for an Act 3 and even Act 4 – that's how enthralled we were. And to be in such an intimate setting with the performers. Many of us thought the songs spoke directly to us. Wow!”  ~Janine Klich-Jensen, Audience Member

How Much Does It Cost?

Simply Put:

You get $4500 worth of services for a maximum of $425, but most organizations pay less.


Cost Details:

We ask for a $300 deposit to book the date and cover our expenses. On the back end, we request 5% of ticket sales only, and that amount shall not exceed $125, no matter how many tickets you sell or at what price. If you have money left over from your deposit, which most organizations do, we deduct that from your back end number. Thus, the most you will ever pay AOKC in total is $425, but most organizations end up paying less ($350 - $400 total).  

How Do I Book AOKC?

You do such important work to help improve lives and make the world a better place. Whether your event is in two months or two years, we would be honored to help you continue doing what you do best by doing what we do best.

You can apply for a benefit performance here.

If you'd like to meet with Founder/Artistic Director, Hilary Ann Feldman, before applying, you can contact her by email or give us a call at 847-419-7664.

Note: Acts Of Kindness Cabaret is open to helping all nonprofit organizations, except those with political or religious missions.

Stay in touch with AOKC by following us on social media and joining our mailing list.

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