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Educational Outreach Program

Unlock Student Potential with Music & Storytelling!

Research proves that high school students engaged in music outperform peers in science, math, and English. Beyond academics, music fosters Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), nurturing essential life skills like empathy, seeing different perspectives, and working collaboratively. Despite these proven benefits, performing arts are often sidelined in schools. Acts Of Kindness Cabaret’s Educational Outreach Program aims to help keep arts alive in underfunded high schools by offering financial support for their performing arts programs and a unique arts education experience for their students.



  • Provide a professional cabaret performance as a fundraiser for the school’s performing arts programs.

  • Introduce high school students to the art of modern cabaret, an art form to which they otherwise do not have exposure or access.

  • Build students’ creative skills and expressive confidence in a safe environment.

  • Help keep the fragile art of cabaret alive and thriving by nurturing the cabaret audience – and perhaps artists – of the future.


The Program

Students will be invited to participate in a series of Master Classes with acclaimed cabaret artist, Hilary Ann Feldman, who will introduce them to modern cabaret and lead them through the fine art of storytelling through song in a safe and nurturing environment. 

The final act will be a thrilling performance of storytelling and musical exploration by the artists of Acts Of Kindness Cabaret, with select students performing alongside these consummate professionals. All proceeds from this performance will go to supporting the school’s performing arts programs. 


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