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Life... Sunny Side Up!

Featuring Hilary Ann Feldman, Caryn Caffarelli, and Caron Buinis

Sometimes life hands you lemons. What's the best thing to do when that happens? Make lemonade, of course! After all, it's not what life hands you; it's what you do with it that counts! Life... Sunny Side Up! takes audiences on a unique tour through the human experience -- from the sublime to the ridiculous -- and how people deal with the various hands they are dealt.

We are all familiar with what it means to make the most of an unexpected situation. Perhaps you’ve hosted a virtual event this year, or like many of us, have changed the way you've connected with loved ones. Living through, and laughing about, the curveballs that life

throws us is an experience with which we can all relate.

Life... Sunny Side Up! is an insightful and humorous collection of songs and stories, sure to entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds. No matter the mission of your organization, the show’s underlying themes of resilience and hope are sure to help you communicate that mission with your audience. Presenting this show as your next fundraising event will help you to build relationships with your donor base through storytelling, and will provide your audiences with a unique and memorable experience.

Included are songs by Kander & Ebb, Johnny Mercer, Cy Coleman, Billy Joel, Stephen Schwartz, Irving Berlin, Eric Idol, Simon & Garfunkle, and many others. Plenty of laughter, a

nd some poignant moments, are in store. So sit, relax, have some lemonade, and get your order in for Life... Sunny Side Up!

In addition to the full Cabaret performance, Acts Of Kindness Cabaret provides sound and lighting equipment, technical staff, set-up crew, ushers, and printed programs. We also offer Virtual and Hybrid events, which include professionally-recorded entertainment content, storyboarding, script guidance, production assistance, and e-programs.(Click here to learn more about our Virtual and Hybrid events.)


"Brava, brava, brava! These lively gals are fantastic! This is the second time I have seen them, and I had so much fun. The new show is wonderfully spirited, highly energetic, and incredibly funny. Our audience was delighted and bouncing around in their seats, laughing out loud for the entire hour. They thoroughly enjoyed the show and have told us that it was the best entertainment we've ever had."

~ Candi Kleindorfer, The Pantry of Rich Township

Let us be a part of your story! Contact us here.

Acts Of Kindness Cabaret

Tel: 847-419-7664


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