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Have We Got a Story for You!

Featuring Hilary Ann Feldman, Adam Hibma, and Nikki Krzebiot

From primitive man telling stories to today's songs, books, programs, and films, stories have been a part of the human experience. They have taught us lessons, preserved our histories, and enriched our lives. Through stories about others, we learn about ourselves, we share laughter, and we travel together to other places and times. Have We Got a Story for You! tells tales both familiar and strange, though poets and songwriters from Shakespeare to The Beatles, and everything in between. Join us for adventure, intrigue, laughter, and a bit of happily ever after for all!

Acts Of Kindness Cabaret: A Little Help From My Friends
A Little Help From My Friends

Featuring Caryn Caffarelli, Hilary Ann Feldman, and Marianne Murphy Orland

Friends come in many shapes and sizes -- from the girl next door, to a beloved pet, to your secret stash of sweets!   A Little Help From My Friends takes audiences on a journey through friendship in its many incarnations.  Laugh, remember, relate, and guffaw as you enjoy songs by Maltby & Shire, Harold Arlen, Lennon & McCartney, Marvin Hamlisch, Stephen Sondheim, and many others.  It's an evening you won't soon forget, so don't forget to bring a friend!

Acts Of Kindness Cabart: You Can't Be Serious!
You Can't Be Serious!

Featuring Caryn Caffarelli, Cynthia Clarey, and Hilary Ann Feldman

Especially these days, when our world seems laden with bad news and bad tempers, it is so important to laugh.  You Can't Be Serious! provides us with a comic lens through which to look at the situations we all face in life.  It's a fun-filled comedy cabaret featuring contemporary and classic songs and stories that will make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and this particular brand of healthcare is absolutely free!  We'll see you in stitches (the good kind!).

Acts Of Kindness Cabaret: Life... Sunny Side Up!
Life... Sunny Side Up

Featuring Hilary Ann Feldman, Caryn Caffarelli, and Caron Buinis

Sometimes life hands you lemons.  What's the best thing to do when that happens?  Make lemonade, of course!  After all, it's not what life hands you; it's what you do with it that counts!  Life... Sunny Side Up takes audiences on a unique tour through the human experience -- from the sublime to the ridiculous -- and how people deal with the various hands they are dealt. Included are songs by Kander & Ebb, Johnny Mercer, Cy Coleman, Billy Joel, Stephen Schwartz, Irving Berlin, Eric Idol, and  many others.  Plenty of laughter, and some poignant moments, are in store.  So sit, relax, have some lemonade, and get your order in for Life... Sunny Side Up!

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