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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an AOKC benefit event is right for my organization?


If your organization:

     ~Has a good local base of supporters; and

     ~Doesn't already have a full events calendar; and

     ~Is looking for something unique and new; or
     ~Has never held a live event before​

then an AOK Cabaret event is right for you!

If your organization:

     ~Has a good base of supporters and/or a solid 

       social media presence;

     ~Is looking for a new way to fundraise that increases           your reach and fundraising potential;

then an AOK Cabaret event is right for you!

What kinds of organizations do you benefit?

With the exception of political and religious organizations, any needful non-profit organization in the Chicagoland area may apply for an AOK Cabaret benefit event.​​



What are the advantages of an AOKC benefit event over some other types of fundraising events?

AOK Cabaret benefits are fun, accessible, inexpensive ways of raising funds while helping build a community of and for your supporters.  AOK Cabaret events are repeatable, since new shows are created every year or so.  AOK Cabaret shares the work, so the burden on your staff is much less than it would be for most other types of events.​​

How much will an AOK Cabaret raise for my organization?

This depends entirely on you and your organization, the type of event you hold (show only, or dinner and a show, or show with other activities like raffles and auctions, etc.).  Our events have raised from $1,000 to $30,000.  We cannot guarantee a certain dollar amount.  What we can tell you is that our events have never lost money, or even done as badly as break even. 

For live events, we take care of everything to do with the actual performance -- the performers, the show, the lighting and sound equipment, technical personnel, set-up and tear-down crew, ushers, printed programs, and pre-designed publicity materials (proofs only) upon request -- all for only a few hundred dollars.  We also keep extensive data on past events, so we can advise you on what works and what doesn't, and we provide you with other helpful resources.  We're a bit like "an event in a box," which you can make as simple or elaborate as your organization and constituents will support.  The rest is entirely up to you!  ​​

For virtual events, we provide you with a menu of entertainment options to help support your messaging and storytelling, offer script guidance, help you with storyboarding your event, provide production assistance, and supply e-programs, all for just a few hundred dollars.

For all events, we will publicize your event on our social media channels and via our monthly e-newsletter.



What's the catch?  How much does this really cost?

There is no catch!  We fulfill the artistic portion of our mission (spreading the art of cabaret) by fulfilling the philanthropic portion of our mission (raising money for others through our art), and vice versa.  It is simple kindness from us to you and those you serve.

The real cost consists of two payments:


  1. A $300 deposit, which holds the date and covers our expenses in providing you this service.  If our actual expenses are less than $300, we deduct that remainder from the 5% payment, described below.

  2. 5% of ticket sales on the back end.  That's 5% of ticket sales only.  We take no portion of raffle, auction, or other proceeds.  Further, if your ticket price includes a reception or dinner, we will attribute only a portion of the ticket price to the performance and take only 5% of that number.  For most organizations, the 5% translates into another $125 - $150.


This means you are getting approx. $4000 worth of goods and services for about $400!

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