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Why Cabaret is the Perfect Choice for Your Fundraising Event.

Choosing what type of fundraising event to hold can be a daunting task. Whether you go for something simple or something more extravagant, you’ll want to ensure that the event you choose is the most effective and enjoyable event possible in order to grow your relationship with your donor base and inspire action.

Professional modern cabaret shows are incredibly effective at providing your audience with a novel, entertaining, and moving experience. This Is due, in part, to the core aspect of cabaret: storytelling.

We are all very familiar with the concept of storytelling. However, many organizations fail to take advantage of the power an effective story has to mobilize audiences, and to help them connect to you and your mission in a way that drives action.

“The interactive nature of storytelling partially accounts for its immediacy and impact. At its best, storytelling can directly and tightly connect the teller and audience.” (The National Storytelling Network). Professional cabaret is storytelling at its best.

“The audience laughed, cried, and enjoyed a thoughtful, sentimental, joyful and terrific performance. After all the excitement quieted down and we could calculate the financial success of the event, we were quite happy. Our members and guests were still talking about the evening throughout the following week. That is when you know you have had a successful event!”

~ Marla Schachtel, Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Senior Citizens Foundation

Research shows that people are driven by emotions, consciously, or subconsciously. This fact is especially true when they make spending decisions.

Hence, by merely telling a heartfelt story, you can drive people to donate for your cause.’ (

“Many of our guests had never attended a cabaret performance and were charmed by the combination of song and conversation.”

~ Anita Jenke, Career Transitions Center of Chicago

“Many of us thought the songs spoke directly to us. Wow!”

~Janine Klich-Jensen, Audience Member

Cabaret, in short, is “an intensely personal evening of songs and stories delivered by singers in a simple, honest way... Unlike at the theatre, cabaret performers are on stage as themselves. They maintain a direct dialogue with the audience throughout the performance. Unlike concert performance, though, a cabaret show has a definite sense of beginning, middle, and end... just as every good story does.” (For a better understanding of cabaret, Click Here )

“Many of their songs brought forth memories that evoked cheers, tears and laughter. We heard for days after the event what a memorable and fun evening it was.”

~ Carol Trzcinski, McCord Gallery & Cultural Center

“Our audience was delighted and bouncing around in their seats, laughing out loud for the entire hour. They thoroughly enjoyed the show and have told us that it was the best entertainment we've ever had." ~ Candi Kleindorfer, The Pantry of Rich Township

Past beneficiaries and their audiences are enthusiastic about both the storytelling power and entertainment value of Cabaret. It is something that audiences remember and associate with your organization long after the event has ended.

“I went to my book club on Monday, and the gossip grapevine had already spread the word about the amazing fundraiser we had with the unbelievable cabaret singers! The superintendent said that he had never attended a cabaret before and was amazed at how much he enjoyed it. ~Jeanne Krapauskas, District 230 Foundation

Cabaret creates a sense of togetherness that is hard to find in many popular fundraising events such as dinners, auctions, or wine-tastings (though these activities make nice additions to a cabaret event). Audiences leave a cabaret event with a feeling of personal connection both to the performers and to each other. They’ve shared an experience while supporting your cause, and that builds community.

“It was such a good-feeling relationship builder for our foundation! Thank you!" ~Jeanne Krapauskas, District 230 Foundation

“…the perfect intimate evening of great entertainment and community building we'd hoped for." ~Beth Ragsdale, Words On Wheels

An additional benefit of cabaret is that it translates well virtually for today’s challenging event landscape. We offer virtual and hybrid event formats to suit the comfort level of your audience.

It is our mission to introduce the art of cabaret to new audiences through benefit performances for Chicagoland nonprofits . We are able to offer these events at next to no cost. To date, Acts Of Kindness Cabaret benefit performances have helped over 55 Chicago-area nonprofit organizations. Wouldn’t you like your organization to become one of our beneficiaries? We’d love to help you continue your good work.

If you or an organization you know is looking for an easy, effective, and entertaining fundraising event. Please contact us! We would be happy to help you to reach your fundraising goals.

Tel: 847-419-7664

Email: info(at)

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